jeudi 17 juin 2010

Monument Of Urns - Discography

Monument Of Urns
The Ancient Method (Hand Hewn Timbre 2005) 3''CDr
Destroyer Of All (Hand Hewn Timbre 2006) 3''CDr
Cruelty (Hand Hewn Timbre 2007) 3''CDr
Absence (Hand Hewn Timbre 2008) 3''CDr
Blaspheme (Hand Hewn Timbre 2010) CDr

Let's listen to some doom metal for a change. I have put together in one link the whole Monument Of Urns discography : one 3'' CDr a year from 2005 to 2008, nothing in 2009, and a regular CDr in 2010 (just because the 29 minutes of music wouldn't fit on a 3'' CDr, I suppose). Each time you've got the same deal : one long track, gorgeously macabre packaging, and splendid drone/doom/experimental/whatever music.
I have come to wait impatiently for their yearly release. I was crushed when they released none last year. I say 'they' but it's actually 'him', as Dan seems to handle this project alone. I would love to hear more, but in a sense, it's better this way: it's a change from the releasing frenzy of some.
Buy their releases, they're worth every penny. I bought Cruelty from Aquarius Records in 2007, amazed at the number of 'o' they'd put in 'dooooooooo....ooom' in their review of it, after listening to the first two downloaded from a blog, and I've been hooked since. I sincerely hope you'll do the same after this post.

Sorry for those who would have liked only the 2010 Blaspheme, you'll have to download the lot...


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