mardi 11 septembre 2012

More Suspiria

And here is a tribute to Suspiria by Mater Suspiria Vision, on a track called, you bet : 'Suspiria'. You can find this track on the forthcoming album 'Paracusia (Crack Witch 2)' and on the aptly named 'An Okkult and Witch House Tribute to Suspiria'. Both released on Phantasma Disques.

MATER SUSPIRIA VISION - SUSPIRIA (Directed by Cosmotropia de Xam, 2012) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

No naked ladies this time though...

On the same compilation / tribute, there is a lovely reworking of the theme from Suspiria by Prosymna. You can compare with the Xela version below.

Who can tell after that that Witch House is bad?...

Xela - Halloween / Suspiria 7''

When John Twells / Xela makes two Witch House tracks back in 2006, years before the term ever appeared, this fantastic 7'' is the result. Fantastic reworkings of the main themes of these eponymous classic horror-movies. Originals by John Carpenter himself and Goblin, of course... Released on John's own Type label.


Did I write eponymous again? Damn, I'm trying hard not to...

lundi 9 juillet 2012

Sorc'henn - Nvit Ravbe D'Orée

Great stuff released on cassette on the ever excellent Peyote Tapes a couple of years ago.

Haven't heard of Sorc'henn for quite a while now. I wonder what Laurent is up to? I'll try to find back his e-mail address if I can to get some news.

In the meantime :


dimanche 8 juillet 2012

Mirror - Islands bonus 7''

Arrgh! I still haven't managed to get my greedy hands on a copy of this one. I own the blue version of the eponymous 2LP, but I could not justify spending 200€+ for this little beauty (once in a while a copy pops up on discogs or somewhere else, but always with an outrageous price...). Damn! There is supposed to be 150 copies of this 7'' in circulation, that's quite a lot (?)...

Obviously this is not my rip so thanks to whoever shared this with me and the rest of the world in the first place!


I love 3'' CDs  AND  7'' vinyls  (AND   using the word 'eponymous' every time it's possible, but that's another story...)

samedi 7 juillet 2012

Mirror - Pedestrian / Nocturne 7''

Just to show that Mirror is capable of delivering short tracks that are as good as the usual long ones. 7'' released on Three Poplars in 2000. 253 copies, each one is different (artwork-wise of course).


vendredi 6 juillet 2012

Mirror - Nightwalkers bonus 3''CDR

Limited to 97 copies. That's 97 lucky bastards owning this cute little thing (I just love 3'' CDs!). I'm one of them.


jeudi 5 juillet 2012

Brendan Walls & Andrew Chalk - This Growing Clearing

Another gem from 2004 on Three Poplars (edition of 300).
One day maybe I'll scan the covers of my own copies of my Three Poplars collection, or rip them with better quality... Or not...