dimanche 13 juin 2010

Indigenous Capsule - Indigenous Capsule

Indigenous Capsule
Indigenous Capsule (Peyote Tapes 06 / Object In Hand 4)
CDr handnumbered edition of 50

Indigenous Capsule is Nathan Young and Sound Pressings a.k.a. Danford Mitchell. Probably a one-shot alias, but who knows? The CDr comes in a cardboard "jewel" box, with hand-made artwork by Sound Pressings, and comes with an insert and a set of 4 prints from a total of 50 different designs. No box is the same (obviously as it is hand-drawn the box itself is unique, but the content is also unique. I got #10, the artwork included is from #13, and yes, there's only one print in common with my set). As for the music, here is what Peyote Tapes says about it : "Amplifier worship, synth noise and field recordings".

Unexpectedly, it seems it is still available from Peyote Tapes here at the ridiculously low price of $7 in the US and $9 everywhere else in the Galaxy : run for it!!


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