vendredi 18 juin 2010

Monos - Below The Ground

Below The Ground (ICR72)
CDR, edition of 135 copies

This one came out and was gone before I noticed (something that I can't explain, as I love Monos and I thought I was keeping a eye open for their long-expected new release). Fortunately, I managed to buy a copy at the original price a couple of weeks ago.
I post only the bonus CDr available with the first 135 copies of Above The Sky, which is still widely available, and of course still at ICR.

What I can say is that the music on Below The Ground is as different of the one on Above the Sky as their names imply. No birds chirping on this one. And apparently, less field-recordings, or maybe more processed field-recordings. It's always difficult to identify the source with Monos, and that's part of their appeal.


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