vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Jonathan Coleclough & Murmer - Nevill #6

Jonathan Coleclough & Murmer
Nevill #6/47 (ICR ICR59 - 2006)
CDR edition of 1

Yep, a unique CDR in an edition of 1!
The story behind this : when ICR released Husk by Coleclough & Murmer, they had a special mail-order edition of 200 copies with a bonus CD, and a special-special edition of 47 with an extra CDR (only 25 for sale) and I managed to get #6. Lucky me! This CDR states 'each copy has a unique piece of music and a unique cover'. It's a processed field-recording using sounds of Nevill Road, London, recorded 19 & 20 april 2006.
That makes it probably the rarest item in my music collection (I have other releases with unique artwork, but that is the only one with unique music!)

Oh, I forgot to tell you it is only 5 minutes long, I guess it could not have been a full album, could it?

If ever you have another copy of Nevill, please post a link somewhere, that would be great to get to hear as many of them as possible!


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Anonyme a dit…

I'm watching one now on eBay... Bidding starts at $50, so I'm still thinking about it...

Anonyme a dit…
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ElHI a dit…

Thanks a lot 'Anonyme'. I deleted your comment because you added your personnal e-mail. But here is the link you posted, for all to enjoy :

This is for Nevill #41 (with Murray One, another rare gem by Jonathan Coleclough): Thanks again!