samedi 19 septembre 2009

Ajilvsga - The Black Mouth Society

The Black Mouth Society (Tavarn Keben bes34 - 2009)
C60 Edition of 60 hand-numbered copies with hand-made cover

The A-side of this tape, The Black-Tailed Deer, is without doubt my favourite Ajilvsga track (at the moment anyway...). Everything is perfect with this release : 2 great long tracks, superb artwork (if not very convenient), it's released on Laurent/Sorc'henn excellent label Tavarn Keben and last but not least it's recorded on orange cassettes (who can resist orange!).

For once, this one is still available at the source, but I couldn't wait to share it with you : I'm sure more than one will buy it after listening to those mp3s!

BUY it!

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