mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Ajilvsga - Green Crow

Green Crow (Digitalis Limited / Peyote Tapes)
C33 edition of 20

Very limited (20 copies!), this tape was a tour only edition sold at a show on March 23rd at "The Monolith" with Barn Owl & Language Of Light. Some copies were later sold by Brad Rose and I managed to get one...
It is the third instalment in the 'insert-colour-here' Crow after Red and Blue which were even more limited and are all co-released by Digitalis Limited (Brad's label) and Peyote Tapes (Nathan's label).
Simple artwork but great music!


2 commentaires:

zlobnykloun a dit…

The link is dead. I'd like to get this album if it's possible. Thanx

zlobnykloun a dit…

download link's dead. can you re-up this?