vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Sorc'henn - Gula Guten

Gula Guten (Snapped In Half siht22)
CDr edition of 40 hand-numbered copies

Quite different from Silvestrig, Gula Guten is equally impressive. It includes what seems to be dialogs from an old Swedish movie, but it could be anything else for that matter. Once again the overall mood is dark but we have left the woods for more industrial landscapes.

Sorc'henn continues with his obsession for goats on both titles, and the great title for track 2 is 'Drunk With The Old Goat On The Mountain' : Nurse With Wound fans will appreciate! (And they'll surely dig the music too!).

A perfect soundtrack for a movie by David Lynch yet to be made (and probably one of his scariest...)

Released on Snapped In Half, it seems that it is still available at the source : you know what to do...


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icastico a dit…

Cool I'll go look for it over at Snapped-n1/2