mardi 24 février 2009

Jonathan Coleclough - Period

Jonathan Coleclough
Period (Anomalous Records NOM 4 CD X)
2xCD edition of 300, 2nd CD

This is the second disc of the limited 2xCD edition of Period. 2 long tracks : Periodicity and Summand, the first being a remix by Colin Potter. The first disc can be found on the excellent Scrapyard Forecast blog.

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a d r i a n a dit…

I'm having some problems trying to download anything from your blog. The Media Fire page isn't loading properly and it keeps saying that the connection has timed out. I haven't encountered this before so I don't know the remedy. Too bad, cause everything thus far is gold.
Any ideas?

Anonyme a dit…

sadly, Scrapyard Forest went away


ElHI a dit…

Scrapyard Forecast still lives at