mardi 6 janvier 2009

Andrew Liles - Iron Lung - Glass Bones

Andrew Liles
Iron Lung - Glass Bones (Twisted Knister FLUPP016 - 2007)
Business Card CDR, edition of 40 in cigarette box

A real gem this time, with a (short) track by Andrew Liles in a very unusual edition. The CDR is of the "business card" type, inserted in a cardboard box, the size and shape of a packet of cigarette, complete with a health warning : " causes fatal heart and lung diseases". To make things even better, the 40 copies were available exclusively in selected cigarette machines in Bremen, Germany as part of the Twisted Knister Automatenmusik-Mikrogalerie. (In fact I got my copy directly from Mr Liles, I'm a real cheat...). Enjoy!

New rip @ 256 kbps :


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Bosse-de-Nage a dit…

Good work -- Andrew Liles is somewhat hard to find in Cape Town! keep it up, slowly ...