vendredi 9 octobre 2009

Ajilvsga - Red Crow

Red Crow (Digitalis Limited / Peyote Tapes)
C32 edition of 13

Very, very limited (13 copies!), this tape was a tour only edition sold at a show on November 13th, 2008 at "The Monolith" with Peaking Light & Language Of Light.

First instalment in the 'insert-colour-here' Crow and the most limited of the series, co-released by Digitalis Limited (Brad's label) and Peyote Tapes (Nathan's label).

It was re-released on vinyl in 2009 via the Amethyst Sunset label. Some copies are still available, so run for it!

I haven't managed (yet) to get a copy of the original tape (but I'm waiting for the vinyl) so this isn't my rip. I got the files again from borxes (behind the always excellent akteon blog). Thanks to both borxes and the original poster, whoever he was...


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