jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Ajilvsga - White Path / Red Path

My first rip from a cassette. Hope the sound is OK enough, side B is perhaps a bit too loud...

White Path / Red Path (PM31 - 2008)
C40 Edition of 100, OOP

Thick clouds of swirling electronics, walls of distortion, phased guitars, tar, and electricity riveted together for one of the heaviest and densest Ajilvsga recordings to date. Melodies briefly stumble to the surface, only to be turned inside out by the chaos. High bias chrome tapes with 4 panel J-card and obi.

This cassette was released by Peasant Magik
Of course you know that Ajilvsga is the duo of Brad Rose and Nathan Young, and well... it's just great!

Link removed, my rip was just too bad... I'll make a new post with a newand better rip.

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Anonyme a dit…

the link is broken , could you kindly re-up this ?

ElHI a dit…

Done, see new post.